What can Transformation Journeys Worldwide do for you?

If your organization is wanting to work more effectively with transgender people, then Transformation Journeys Worldwide can help! TJWW is a cutting edge diversity consulting firm with a transgender focus. We travel nationally working with businesses, corporations, religious and civic organizations, educational institutions and healthcare providers. Our diversity trainings, keynote addresses and presentations give organizations the tools you need to work effectively with transgender patients, customers, clients, colleagues, congregants and constituents.

Our clients include Home Depot, Georgia Power, Emory Healthcare, The Carter Center, San Francisco Theological Seminary, Kaiser Permanente, Georgia Academy of Family Physicians, Sage Counseling Center, UMMAS (Unity Ministers of the Mid-Atlantic States), Georgia State University, Oglethorpe University, Weber School and POSE (PRIDEs Of the SE). 

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What others are saying:

"As a doctor, what you shared helped me know how to communicate better with my transgender patients. Thank you!"

"Our keynote speaker, Gabrielle Claiborne, shared her journey with such passion and humor that attendees at our Pride Power event were engaged and enlightened to be even stronger allies for our transgender colleagues." -  President, LGBTQ and Allies ERG

"For 20 years I have had a transman cousin, and I still learned so much. What an eye opening presentation!

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2018 Trainings and Speaking Engagements

Click on the cover to preview Table of     Contents, the Introduction and Part I.

Click on the cover to preview Table of     Contents, the Introduction and Part I.

January 9
Home Depot’s 10th Annual Women’s Link Leadership Forum - Atlanta, GA
Embrace Your Truth.
Gabrielle delivers a motivational talk and serves as a panelist for Home Depot’s Women’s Leadership Forum.

2017 Trainings and Speaking Engagements

October 20, June 23 and April 28 in Atlanta, GA
June 16 in Athens, GA
Trans I Am: The Ethical and Clinical Importance of Learning about the Transgender Experience.
A Continuing Education Workshop for counselors, therapists and others in the helping professions. Linda and Gabrielle are honored to present this workshop with Sage Center Directors, Pegge Riley, LPC, CPCS and Angela Wacht, LPC. This workshop is approved for 5 Ethics CEUs through the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia. Register at www.SageCenterAtlanta.com

October 7
Indianapolis, IN
Making Your Organization Trans* Friendly.
Gabrielle presents at the 2017 World Conference of InterPride, the international association of Pride organizers.

September 22
AGLCC Community Awards Dinner
Atlanta, GA

Gabrielle co-hosts the annual celebration of the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

August 6
Community of Spirituals and Mystics
Atlanta, GA
Solidarity with the Transgender Community.
A presentation to help interfaith allies become stronger advocates for trans* people.

July 28
Kaleidoscope Group
Chicago, IL
Understanding Transgender and Non-Binary People.
A training for one of the country’s Top 10 Diversity and Inclusion firms.

June 30
MarketSource, Inc. - An Allegis Group Company
Alpharetta, Georgia
Unity thru Diversity.
A panel discussion highlighting the diversity within the LGBTQ community.

May 20
THEA Family Symposium
Atlanta, GA
Responding to Religious Nay-Sayers: How the Bible Supports Trans* Identities.
A presentation for the Transgender Health and Education Alliance’s annual family conference.

April 19
Kaiser Permanente
Atlanta, GA
R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Transgender Care at KP.
Training for KP’s Pride and Transgender Champions groups. 

April 15
New York City Pride
New York, NY
Making Your PRIDE Organization Trans* Friendly.
After hearing Gabrielle’s presentation at the NERP-POSE conference in Washington DC in March, New York City Pride couldn’t wait to have Gabrielle come train their organization!

April 5
University of West Georgia
Carrollton, GA
Embracing My Truth: One Trans Woman’s Story.
Gabrielle will share her life’s journey with students at UWG.

March 29
Atlanta, GA
A consultation on creating trans and non-binary inclusive restrooms
as the Atlanta store prepares for restroom renovations.

March 11
The Magic of PRIDE Conference
Washington, DC
Making Your Organization Trans* Friendly.
Gabrielle will present at the third Northeastern Regional Prides and Prides of the Southeast joint conference, hosted by the Capital Pride Alliance.

March 6
Women Marchers Day
Georgia State Capitol
. Gabrielle is honored to have been invited to speak on this topic at the Capitol for the Women Marchers Day recognition ceremony.

March 4
Weber School Fall Retreat
Camp Ramah Darom
Transgender Inclusion.
 A guided conversation with Jewish high school students to facilitate greater understanding of transgender and non-binary people.

February 27
Atlanta Interfaith Sisters
Transgender Inclusion in Spiritual Communities
.  A presentation on transgender children, youth and adults with suggestions for welcoming them into the faith communities of all religions.

February 26
Women In Truth Meeting
Spiritual Living Center of Atlanta
Transgender Sensitivity.
A presentation to inspire greater understanding of transgender and non-binary individuals.

February 22
Emory Healthcare
Atlanta, Georgia
Call Center Training.
A training to support call center employees in using language that is transgender respectful when connecting callers with the services provided by Emory Hospital’s Gender Clinic.

February 9
Georgia State University
Atlanta, Georgia
Consultation with the Office of the Ombudsperson.

January 24
Sage Center for Counseling, Consulting and Creative Community Wellness
Atlanta, Georgia
Transgender Cultural Competency Training.
A training for mental health care providers from Sage Center and other organizations.

January 7
Empower Women Pep Rally
Lithonia, Georgia
The Importance of Inclusion.
A motivational talk in anticipation of the upcoming Women’s Marches in Atlanta, Washington, and throughout the world.

2016 Trainings and Speaking Engagements

November 2016
The Bible and the Transgender Experience: How Scripture Supports Gender Variance.
 Linda’s new book will be  released by Pilgrim Press!   

November 13
Metropolitan Community Church of Albuquerque
Albuquerque, New Mexico
The Genesis Gender Dilemma.
A sermon exploring the gender implications of the Genesis creation account as they relate to transgender people. Book signing following worship.

November 12
Call to Action Conference
Albuquerque, New Mexico
What the Bible says in Support of the Transgender Experience.
A presentation for the national conference of progressive Catholics.

November 10
Georgia Academy of Family Physicians
Atlanta, Georgia
Health Disparities in the LGBTQ Community.
A presentation at the Academy’s Annual Scientific Assembly.

November 5
THEA Peach State Conference
Atlanta, Georgia
Spiritual Leaders Panel and Book Signing.
Linda and leaders from various faith traditions address how their spiritual traditions can be sources of affirmation for the transgender community. Following the presentation, Linda will be signing copies of her book.

October 9
Central Congregational UCC
Atlanta, Georgia
“Speaking of Faith” Panel.
Discussion of the transgender experience during Sunday morning worship.

September 23 - Unity Ministers of the Mid-Atlantic States (UMMAS) Annual Retreat
Hendersonville, North Carolina
Creating Trans Friendly Churches.
Interactive workshop empowering participants to better understand the experiences of transgender people and their families, the biblical teachings regarding gender variance and things they can do as church leaders to create trans friendly congregations.

September 18
PRIDE Interfaith Service
Valdosta, Georgia
The Genesis Gender Dilemma.
A talk exploring the gender implications of the Genesis creation accounts and how faith communities can support transgender individuals’ spiritual journeys.

September 15
PRIDE of the South Community Education Event
Valdosta, Georgia
What is Transgender?
A presentation to enable attendees to make their organizations more inclusive and their communities more supportive of transgender people.

September 2
Building Foundations…Building Bridges Trans Conference
Atlanta, Georgia
Embrace Your Truth…Use Your Gifts
. A motivational talk including Gabrielle’s personal story and a charge to attendees to bring their own unique voices and talents to the table to build a better world for all trans people.

August 9
The Carter Center
Alleviating Violence and Discrimination Against Trans Women and Girls.
A presentation for “Women, Religion, Violence, and Power,” a Doctor of Ministry Seminar. This seminar is offered by the Carter Center in partnership with San Francisco Theological Seminary’s Advanced Pastoral Studies Program. It is an outgrowth of the Carter Center’s Mobilizing Faith for Women and Girls Initiative which supports Jimmy Carter’s mission to counter the religious narratives used to justify human rights violations, especially against women and girls.

August 2
Georgia Power
Being Good Allies.
At the invitation of Georgia Power’s employee resource group, Pride Power, Gabrielle d
July 17
Savannah Unity
Savannah, GA
The Genesis Gender Dilemma
. A sermon considering the gender implications of the Genesis creation story and offering insights into the transgender experience, enabling listeners to better understand and better love their gender non-conforming neighbors.

July 16
Savannah PRIDE Community Education Event
Savannah, GA
Beyond Diversity and Inclusion.
An interactive workshop to raise awareness of the experiences of highly diverse social groups and the impact of intersectionality, which is belonging to more than one just one of these groups. Co-facilitated with colleagues from Atlanta PRIDE.

July 9
Wild Goose Festival
Hot Springs, NC
Creating Trans Friendly Churches.
Panel presentation at a national gathering of Progressive Christians addressing the faith journeys of trans people, where the American church is currently at with the transgender experience, what the Bible says in support of gender variance and ways to make congregations trans friendly.

June 28
Home Depot
The Business of PRIDE.
A panel presentation including Gabrielle and other successful LGBTQ business leaders addressing the joys and challenges of being gay or transgender in the work place.

June 23
MarketSource Inc, An Allegis Group Company
Allies at Work and in the World. A discussion on how corporations can partner and leverage LGBTQ organizations and how companies can support their own LGBTQ employees to build strong collaborative teams.

May 4
Atlanta Public Library
What is Transgender?
A community service presentation for residents of midtown Atlanta.

April 16
POSE 2016 (PRIDEs of the Southeast)
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Making Your PRIDE Trans Friendly.
 A presentation on strategies PRIDE organizations can use to integrate transgender people more fully into their programming and operations.

February 6
Kirkwood United Church of Christ, Atlanta
June 11  
Trinity Spiritual Living Center, Atlanta
Embrace Your Truth.
 An interactive workshop where participants learn how to embrace their unique truths by listening to their hearts, developing self-love, persevering through pushback and living their purpose in order to heal the world.