Team - Dionne Kettle



Dionne Kettle is a dynamic Millennial who focuses her considerable talents on creating workplace equity and inclusion for trans and gender non-conforming (TGNC) persons of color. Along with being an associate trainer with Transformation Journeys Worldwide, Dionne also works as an HR manager for a metro Atlanta company. In every setting, her work is informed by her experiences as a Black trans woman and her professional and educational background in HR Management.

Dionne is also accomplished in the non-profit world, serving as co-founder and Deputy Director of TRANScending Barriers Atlanta, a Black trans-led 501c3 whose mission is to uplift and empower Georgia’s TGNC community. In 2018 Dionne’s non-profit released “Living in a State of Despair,” a survey report publicizing the challenges related to unemployment, homelessness, healthcare and incarceration experienced by trans and non-binary Georgians’ throughout the state.