Team - Dionne Kettle



Dionne Kettl is a dynamic bilingual, biracial Black Millennial who focuses her considerable talents on creating workplace equity and inclusion for trans and gender non-conforming (TGNC) persons of color. Along with being an associate trainer with Transformation Journeys Worldwide, Dionne works as an HR manager for a metro Atlanta company. In every setting, her work is informed by her experiences as a Black trans woman and her professional and educational background in HR Management.

Accomplished in the non-profit world, Dionne serves as co-founder and Deputy Director of TRANScending Barriers Atlanta, a Black trans-led 501c3 whose mission is to uplift and empower Georgia’s TGNC community. In 2018, Dionne’s non-profit released “Living in a State of Despair,” a survey report publicizing the challenges related to unemployment, homelessness, healthcare and incarceration experienced by trans and non-binary Georgians’ throughout the state.

Dionne volunteers as an Ambassador for the OUT Georgia Business Alliance and serves on the City of Atlanta’s LGBTQ Mayoral Advisory Board.

In recognition of her high impact service to the community, Dionne was honored as the OUT Georgia Business Alliance’s 2020 Next-Gen Emerging LGBTQ+ Leader of the Year.