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Non-Profit Organizations

Transformation Journeys Worldwide provides presentations and training for a wide range of non-profit organizations to increase understanding of who trans people are, and how to respectfully incorporate gender diverse individuals into all aspects of an organization’s operations.


Having participated in Transformation Journeys Worldwide’s (TJWW) workshop (Making Your Pride Organization More Trans Friendly), at the NERP/POSE conference, when Heritage of Pride was seeking workshop leaders for our Executive Board Retreat, the decision was easy. We needed TJWW! The team listened to what we saw as our needs and goals, addressed the areas we requested, and gave us so much more. Let me just say that if your company or organization needs training or workshop facilitation, Transformation Journeys Worldwide is your firm!
Maryanne Roberto
Executive Board Co-Chair
Heritage of Pride, NYC

Contact us to discuss training and
presentation options for your organization.


Based on the needs and interests of your group, topics covered in a training or presentation could include:

  • Strategies for creating trans welcoming organizations

  • Transgender terms and identities

  • The three aspects of transitioning

  • Transgender children and youth

  • Cultural assumptions about gender and how they impact our understanding of trans people

  • Research on biological causes of trans gender identity

  • Cultural challenges experienced by trans people

  • Respectful interactions

Previous titles include:

  • Empowering Transgender Women and Girls for the Carter Center’s “Women, Religion, Violence, and Power” course

  • Making Your PRIDE Organization Trans Friendly for InterPride’s 2017 International Conference, NYC Pride, Northeast Regional Pride, and Prides of the Southeast

  • Inclusion for the Women’s March Celebration observance at the Georgia State Capitol

  • Non-Binary Workplace Inclusion: A Case Study for the Georgia Diversity Council

  • Transgender Workplace Inclusion for Goodwill of North Georgia

  • Strategies for Trans Inclusion, training for the Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors

Transformation Journeys Worldwide provided a training for our annual Board of Directors retreat that was was meaningful and relevant. I strongly believe they have equipped the Chamber with valuable insight that will enable us to continue our inclusion journey.
Sandy Mollett, Board President
Atlanta Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce