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How does your company support an employee through their gender transition in a way that avoids lawsuits, enhances team operations, and provides a platform to retain and recruit the best talent?

How does your corporation help employees understand and feel comfortable with transgender colleagues, clients and customers, to avoid negative publicity and improve sales and services?

We provide clients with the trainings, presentations and consultations necessary to ensure you are fully equipped to work effectively with transgender people, both in the office and in the marketplace.

trainings and presentations

In our interactive, engaging trainings and presentations we share cutting edge information and personal stories – all with a bit of humor. These facts and stories touch our audiences’ heads and hearts, leading to real personal change. We also offer practical tips for respectful daily interactions with transgender customers and co-workers.

Our keynote speaker, Gabrielle Claiborne, shared her journey of “embracing her truth” with such passion and humor that attendees at our Pride Power Lunch and Learn were engaged and enlightened to be even stronger allies for our transgender colleagues.
                                      President, LGBT and Allies ERG

Based on the needs of your organization, a training or ERG/BRG/Affinity Group presentation could cover:

  • Cultural assumptions regarding gender, and how they impact people’s understanding and acceptance of transgender individuals
  • Transgender terms and identities
  • Personal stories from transgender people and their allies
  • Transitioning and its implications for the workplace   Interacting respectfully with transgender people
  • The business case for trans inclusion
  • Best practices of transgender inclusive companies



During our trainings and presentations, people experience changes in their understanding and acceptance of transgender individuals. But in order for those personal changes  to create true organizational change, companies must put in place transgender-related policies, procedures and strategies. Transformation Journeys Worldwide also provides the following consulting services to assist our clients in these areas:

  • Establishing transition-related healthcare coverage
  • Creating transitioning policies that comply with federal mandates
  • Working with HR and/or D&I as they walk employees through transitions
  • Providing trainings for managers and team members with transitioning employees; answering “the tough questions” to foster understanding and keep teams operating efficiently
  • Consulting with organizations to design gender inclusive restroom and locker room facilities
  • Assisting organizations in developing strategies to recruit transgender talent and to increase transgender supplier diversity

Some of our clients include Home Depot, Georgia Power, MarketSource Inc. an Allegis Company, First Data, Kaleidoscope Group and Ikea.

What others are saying

Gabrielle and Linda presented their program "How to be Good Trans Allies at Work and in the World" to the Business Resource Group I co-lead, and it was wonderful. They shared very helpful information that outlined the experiences of transgender people and how colleagues can more effectively support them. Super professional, detail-oriented and fun to work with.
Will Acosta
Learning and Organizational Development Consultant
Kaiser Permanente
When Gabrielle and Linda present, the overriding feeling is that you are in capable hands. The obvious depth and breadth of their knowledge, specifically around the realities and challenges that face transgender individuals, their colleagues, and their clients, allows for an outstanding educational experience. For me, though, it is Gabrielle's willingness and ability to share her own story that elevates the experience from educational to transformational. 
Orlando Bishop
President, Align Performance