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Educational Institutions

The Transformation Journeys Worldwide (TJWW) team, Gabrielle and Linda, work with private and public educational institutions serving K-12, college and graduate students.

Linda’s ten years as a library media specialist in public schools, and Gabrielle's knowledge and experiences as a trans woman, inform our work with students, teachers, counselors, chaplains and administrators in K-12 institutions. We understand the need to fully address the various concerns of parents, students and school personnel in order to avoid lawsuits and support the safety and success of all students, including those of various gender identities.

Many institutions of higher education have already created the policies, facilities and technology systems necessary to provide inclusive environments for gender diverse students. Yet, Transformation Journeys Worldwide has specific areas of expertise that can benefit students, campus medical and mental healthcare providers, and campus chaplains.

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Depending on your institution's specific needs, presentation and consultation topics could include:
•    Cultural assumptions about gender and how they impact our        understanding of trans people
•    Transgender and non-binary terms and identities
•    3 aspects of transitioning for children, youth and adults
•    How to tell if a child is transgender, or if “it’s just a phase”
•    Creating trans inclusive policies
•    Addressing safety and/or  religious concerns
•    Creating trans inclusive databases and facilities
Colleges and Universities
•    Cultural competency training for  healthcare providers
•    How sacred texts of the Judeo-Christian traditions support gender diversity
•    How to Find an LGBTQ Friendly Workplace (for students preparing to enter the workforce)


Some of our clients include the Weber Jewish Community High School, Oglethorpe University, Georgia State University, and San Francisco Theological Seminary.


Contact us to discuss taking your educational institution to the next level of transgender inclusion. 

What others are saying

The “Trans I Am” workshop was one of the best trainings I have ever attended! The combination of research, information, video clips, discussion, and personal stories made the training highly engaging and effective. It was exceptionally balanced in presenting the clinical and experiential aspects of the trans person’s journey. I was especially grateful to learn the differences between children who are truly transgender, and those who are “just going through a phase.” I highly recommend this for both clinicians and educators.
Ellen Manuel, M.Ed, EdS    
School Counselor, Gwinnett County Public Schools

After hearing Gabrielle and Linda's presentation to a group of adults, I knew they would be excellent role models and educators for our students at The Weber School. They took the time to learn about our student body and tailored their presentation to meet our students' needs, by including facts, personal stories and practical suggestions in their presentation. Linda and Gabrielle generously made themselves available after the session to speak personally with students, as well. We can't wait to have them back to school this year!
Rabbi Pamela Gottfried
Dean of Jewish Studies, The Weber School