Transgender Diversity Training, Policy Development and Implementation

How does your organization support a transgender executive, manager or employee through their transition in a way that avoids lawsuits, enhances team operations and provides a platform to retain and recruit the best talent?

How does your organization help employees understand and feel comfortable with transgender colleagues, clients, customers and patients to avoid negative publicity and improve sales and services?

Transformation Journeys Worldwide provides a full range of customized services to enable organizations to take all the steps necessary to insure they are fully equipped to work effectively with transgender people, both in the office and in the marketplace.

Our services include:

  • Presentations for ERGs, BRGs or Affinity Groups 
  • Training call center and customer support employees, the sales force and/or service providers on how to interact respectfully with transgender customers, clients or patients. 
  • Consulting with HR departments to create a policy for transitioning in the workplace that complies with federal mandates
  • Working with HR as they implement that policy and walk employees through their transitions
    • providing trainings for managers and team members
    •  answering “the tough questions” to foster understanding and keeps teams operating efficiently

Contact us to discuss taking your organization to the next level of diversity and inclusion.

I realized I am not as informed as I thought I was.
I knew a lot of this information intellect-ually, but hearing Gabrielle's story changed me emotionally. I now "get it" at a deeper level.