Medical and Mental Healthcare Providers

With more and more children, youth and adults coming out as transgender, it is critical that healthcare professionals understand the needs of people with various gender identities and gender expressions. 

Transformation Journeys Worldwide offers cultural competency training for both medical and mental healthcare providers. Depending on the specific needs of your practice, topics covered in our trainings may include:

  • Cultural assumptions about gender and how they impact our understanding of trans people

  • Transgender terms and identities

  • The three aspects of transitioning

  • Trans children and youth

  • Research on biological causes of trans gender identity

  • Health disparities among transgender people

  • Cultural challenges and their impact on trans people’s physical and mental health

  • Challenges trans people encounter with healthcare providers and healthcare systems, and how to address them

  • Respectful interactions

  • Creating and marketing trans welcoming practices

In collaboration with the directors of Sage Counseling Center, we offer an LPCA of Georgia certified training: “Trans I Am - The Ethical and Clinical Importance of Learning about the Transgender Experience.”

Transformation Journeys Worldwide also provides Consulting Services designed to keep your practice or organization: 

  • Compliant with local, state and federal mandates regarding transgender employees

  • Competitive with trans inclusive policies and procedures that position you to avoid negative publicity, recruit and retain the best talent

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Our clients include Kaiser Permanente, Emory Healthcare System, The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians, Nell Hodgsdon Woodruff School of Nursing, Emory School of Medicine, Emory School of Allied Health, Walden Behavioral Care, and Sage Counseling Center. 

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What Others are Saying

Linda and Gabrielle presented an engaging, interactive and thought-provoking lecture at the annual Georgia Academy of Family Physicians meeting, as part of a day-long Transgender Medicine education track. As the first presenters, they set the tone for the day by inspiring conversation and highlighting the need for healthcare professionals to understand how to welcome trans patients. Most importantly, they gave a heartfelt presentation with persuasive and motivating evidence for why this is so important.  I would highly recommend Gabrielle and Linda to any organization that cares about diversity and equality.
Isabel Lowell, MD, MBA
                            Director, QMed

Gabrielle and Linda are gifted trainers with a genuine talent for presenting factual information in a fun and interactive manner that touches hearts and minds. They implemented a moving and engaging educational seminar here at the CDC that was tremendously well received. Collaborating with Linda and Gabrielle to plan this educational seminar was a delightfully smooth experience. 
Greg Bautista, Health Scientist
          Centers for Disease Control

Gabrielle and Linda presented their program "How to be Good Trans Allies at Work and in the World" to the Business Resource Group I co-lead, and it was wonderful. They shared very helpful information outlining the experiences of trans children, youth and adults, and how we in the healthcare field can more effectively support them. Super professional, detail-oriented and fun to work with.
Will Acosta
                     Kaiser Permanente

The "Trans I Am" counselors training was well rounded, informative, welcoming and powerful. Gabrielle and Linda are a dynamic team, and their passion and compassion permeate the training. 
Mari I. Mars, MS, LAPC, NCC
          Petrichor Counseling, LLC