Our Transformation Journeys Worldwide Story

A Transgender Day of Visibility message from Gabrielle and Linda, March 31, 2017.

Gabrielle Claiborne and Linda Herzer are experts in the field of transgender diversity training. Together they have over 30 years of experience working in the corporate world, designing curriculum, facilitating interactive groups and providing trainings. Gabrielle, a transgender woman, brings her knowledge and life experiences working in corporations and as a successful business owner. Linda, a cisgender (non-transgender woman), brings her understanding of the questions people may have if they are unfamiliar with the transgender experience. With their combined backgrounds in business, theology and education, this team knows what it takes to help a variety of organization embrace change while keeping operations running smoothly.

In 2015, Gabrielle and Linda formed Transformation Journeys Worldwide to share their passion for moving organizations to the next level of diversity and inclusion. Today they offer a full range of services custom designed to meet their clients’ needs. These services include transgender diversity training, development of policies and transitioning guidelines, consultations, keynote addresses and presentations for corporations, companies, medical and mental healthcare providers, non-profits and various religious and educational institutions.