Past Events

On May 4, 2016 Gabrielle and Linda did an Atlanta community service presentation on “What is Transgender?” They explained what it means to be transgender and addressed topics like the proper use of pronouns, questions one should never ask and the personal, professional and legal aspects of transitioning. 

Gabrielle presented at POSE 2016 (PRIDES of the Southeast) in sunny Fort Lauderdale April 15-17. In her presentation, Making Your PRIDE Trans Friendly, Gabrielle shared strategies that PRIDE organizations can use to integrate the “T” more fully into their programming and operations.

In 2016 Linda and Gabrielle facilitated their interactive workshop, Embrace Your Truth, twice in Atlanta - at Kirkwood UCC on February 6th and and at Trinity Center for Spiritual Living on June 11th. Participants learned how to embrace their unique truths by listening to their hearts, developing self-love, persevering through pushback and living their purpose in order to heal the world.