Personal and Spiritual Growth Workshops

Gabrielle and Linda believe that, as we each embrace our own unique truths, we change our world through purposeful living. 

In their signature workshop, Embrace Your Truth, Linda and Gabrielle inspire participants and equips them with tools to discover the divinely created facets of their own lives which are just waiting to come forth. 

Other workshop offerings include:

•    Persevering thru PushBack
•    Good-bye Guilt! Hello Forgiveness!  
•    Manna in the Wilderness: Successfully Navigating Life’s Transitions

Along with using examples from Linda’s life, all Transformation Journeys workshops also include stories from Gabrielle’s transgender journey to illustrate the insights shared, enabling participants to learn more about gender variance while working on their own personal and spiritual growth. 

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“Gabrielle and Linda’s transparency and honesty help deliver the message of embracing your truth to your heart. Thank you.”