Gender Diversity Training

When an adult is transitioning in the workplace, how do you provide support for that individual and your staff so this change becomes a team building experience that moves you forward with your vision and mission? When a young person is transitioning in the school system, how do you make this a positive experience for the child, their family and classmates, teachers and the community? When a minister or congregant comes out as transgender, what do you say to the church? What are your legal obligations in these various scenarios? How do you effectively address your constituents concerns? These are the questions Transformation Journeys answers through diversity trainings and staff developments custom designed to meet your specific needs. We also provide trainings for health care providers, law firms, human resources departments, companies and congregations seeking to attract and engage respectfully with gender variant patients, clients, employees, customers or congregants. Whatever you need to know to interact successfully with transgender individuals, Transformation Journeys can help.

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Public Speaking

If you’re looking for dynamic keynote speakers, engaging presenters or panel members who are knowledgeable about gender identity issues, look to Transformation Journeys! Linda and Gabrielle travel nationally speaking to professional organizations, businesses, religious groups and educational institutions. Recent topics include: Trans 101, What the Bible Says in Support of the Transgender Experience, The Joys of Being a Woman, Tools for Transformation and The Transgender Experience as a Microcosm of the Human Experience.

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Personal and Spiritual Growth Workshops

Gabrielle and Linda believe that as each of us embraces our own unique truths, we change our world through purposeful living. In their signature workshop, Embrace Your Truth, this dynamic team inspire participants and provide them the tools to discover their special gifts, the divinely created facets of their own lives which are just waiting to come forth. Other workshop offerings include Persevering thru PushBack, Good-bye Guilt! Hello Forgiveness! and Manna in the Wilderness: Successfully Navigating Life’s Transitions. Along with using examples from Linda’s life, all Transformation Journeys workshops also include stories from Gabrielle’s transgender journey to illustrate the insights shared, giving participants the added benefit of learning more about gender variance while working on their own personal and spiritual growth. 

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Gabrielle and Linda’s transparency and honesty help deliver the message of embracing your truth to your heart. Thank you.

Life Coaching

As an ordained Protestant minister and certified Breathwork Coach, Linda is uniquely qualified to support her clients on their life’s journey. Through attentive listening, Linda helps people discover, release and reprogram the limiting beliefs that hold them back. The wisdom, caring support and practical tools she offers empower her clients to then act in new ways to create the fulfilling, purposeful lives they desire.

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